Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You could say we've been busy

Grant's out of town this week so wish me lots of luck being a single kid and puppy mom :) Rooney has seriously grown (you can tell from just picking him up that he's just getting heavier and heavier). He loves squeaky toys and gets really rough with them and it's just adorable to hear the squeaks and puppy growls. Anyway, I have sooo much stuff to do tonight before I get to bed...goodnight!

OH, and by the way... I think this RULES... it's ABOUT time! Petland's business model completely disgusts me. Petland is accused of scheme to sell sick puppies. It's about time it's in the headlines and hopefully some quick action will be taking place!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Life just went from 0mph to 300mph in 2 seconds flat!

Rooney has been a joy and also quite a handful! Neither of us have ever raised our own puppy from 8 weeks of age, so it's been a journey to say the least. It's like having a newborn that can walk around and get into trouble already. We've been doing obedience training at home with a clicker, and some treats. He's not a very food motivated puppy, so we do have to time training just right between or long enough after meals. For the most part he seems to understand "sit" "lay down" "off" "leave it" and I'm working on "wait" especially when I open the door to his crate or ex-pen. He loves human attention, and he is skittish when he hears one of our neighbor dogs bark. We just pretend it doesn't bother us and we're hoping that rubs off on him. Sometimes I just distract him when he's all frozen stiff just to get his mind off of it. On top of watching everywhere he goes and making sure someone is paying attention to him every waking moment he's out of his pen, we are suddenly dealt with shopping for a new sofa (we've only had the one sofa since before we ever met), and getting our broken master shower torn down and remodeled, which also includes the fun process of hardware shopping. Oh, and soccer season started for Dylan again a couple of weeks ago. Such chaos for such a normally chill household. Next week, I'm going out of town for business--hooray! Poor husband. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vet day!

Here's some pictures from our first trip to the vet on Monday, February 9th. Rooney got his first negative worms test (yay!) and the vet was impressed that Rooney's breeder, Julie, used high-quality vaccinations. He weighed in at 5.9lbs. We were there for approximately 2 hours, and Rooney spent most of that time sprawled out on the floor sleeping.

He was a sleepy puppy after his big day out!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eats, poops, and sleeps.

Day 3.

Exercise Pens Escaped from: 1
Exercise Pen cage-tops ordered: 1
Live video streams: 0
Puppy poops left on carpet: 2
Hours of consecutive sleep at night before waking up and taking puppy out: 4

I think he's starting to understand that the word "Rooney" somehow relates to him. Housebreaking is going slowly, but at least we've had no messes in the crate.

I hope to post some video of him outside if I can capture him in a playful mood. He's hilarious! If you walk away he'll chase and herd you, but if you stop, he instantly lays down calm as can be. Walk away and he's back to the chase!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Finally--Pictures from D(og)-Day and Today + a setback with the doggycam

Here are photos from selection/pick-up day at the breeder's home yesterday. I kept having to change my settings for the bright sun and then the shade over and over as the puppies were running back and forth between both, so I didn't get too many photos lol :) It was all good fun.

(above & below) Rooney's blue merle sister digging away at her cooling hole.

Mama Sydney

Rooney's brother who we were also trying to decide on.

One last run with mama *tears*

All pooped out after a long crazy day. This lasted all of 5 minutes and then came the crying. What a tough thing it must be for a puppy to leave one family and join another!

I took these pictures today as I sat down to get the other pictures uploaded. He followed me into the

office and plopped onto Dylan's Spiderman chair (after permission of course) :)

Webcam Woes

So the webcam won't be ready yet! :( Yesterday, I bought a wireless IP camera to setup as Rooney's webcam. Unfortunately, due to my lack of research, I found out there was no easy way, or no way possible, to turn that type of camera into a webcam as they are quite different from your everyday USB webcam or modern day camcorder. Either we're going to have to move a computer or have a dedicated laptop out in that area just to have a webcam going. I found a 133ft USB cable for $289.00 as a possible solution. Um... that's just a little too much.

The Great Roodini

Rooney somehow managed to get out of his crate last night and left us a puppy surprise on the carpet! We've spared you the pictures (you're welcome). Still working on photos...stay tuned.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We're home!

Houston? We have puppy.

Pictures to follow!

Thank you so much to Julie at Texas Star Aussies for making our experience so wonderful.

Rooney was a good bit smaller than his brothers, but is very stocky and well built. There was a

*** NEWS FLASH ***

10 minutes in the exercise pen and he's managed to get out. Be right back.

*** /NEWS FLASH ***

I Guess we need to buy a cover for his exercise pen. Into the crate for now!

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, Rooney is a good bit smaller than his brothers, but is very stocky and well built. He looks to be in great shape, and is obviously quite clever. We watched him play with his litter mates after sizing him up compared to the other two boys, and he loved herding even the bigger dogs around. Looks like we're going to have our hands full! Hopefully the vet will tell us more on Monday. Roz is processing the photos right now to post. We'll have another play time and bathroom break before bed. It's been a big day for the little guy, and for our family, too.